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New York
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New York Lottery
New York Lottery


Fantan, the most popular game, was steeped in Chinese antiquity. It was a simple operation involving a croupier removing beans or pebbles from the middle of a table four at a time with the punters betting on how many would be left at the end. Fantan schools frequently lasted through the night. An Otago Wltness journalist was amazed by the ease of his entry into a Chinese gambling den at Tuapeka in 1869, and the openness with which fantan was played considering that it was, by then, against the law.

New York
New York State Lottery

New York Lottery Winners

Lottery Prizes

In 1986 the winner of a $75,000 lottery prize found himself the focus of a bitter dispute with three fellow workers at the Waitaki freezing works at Stoke, near Nelson. He had been in a syndicate with them for five years, but in this case the arrangements for the purchase of tickets had been informal, only one of the three being able to prove in the High Court that he had asked to validate his participation. He received a quarter of the prize money but the others missed out new york lottery. A 1984 Auckland winner was the unluckiest of all. The night after he won $100,000 in a Golden Kiwi, he fell down some steps while celebrating at a party and killed himself.At the time of writing, the Lotteries Commission holds over $8 million in unclaimed prize-money, including several from Lotto’s Division One. A $750,000 first prize bought in Wainuiomata in 1991 has not been claimed; nor has $500,000 in Gisborne or $265,000 in Dunedin. Nearly 100 pretenders surfaced to claim the Wainuiomata pot but, when faced with making a statutory declaration for the money, all but two withdrew. Nobody to date, according to the Commission, has successfully made a false claim, and there have been only fifteen attempts to falsify Instant Kiwi tickets. Most of these involved the cutting out and reposting of numbers, which was easily detected.

The New York Lotteries Commission

The New York Lotteries Commission sees it as one of its responsibilities to educate Lotto winners about their investment options. Staff provides a money lottery gambling guide, organize counseling, arrange for photographs as a memento of the day and even open bank accounts for the surprising number of winners who have never had them. Winners are also given a code name, which enables them to make confidential enquiries in the future. One winning couple arrived on a Monday to collect their windfall and told Commission staff that they were married. But a week later, distraught, the woman telephoned to explain that, while she was definitely married, it was not to the man she had been with that day. She wondered whether she would be able to keep her half of the prize-money without her husband knowing. She received legal advice.

Research On Lottery

Commission research shows that eight out of ten big winners lottery deposit the money into the bank initially and share it with their families, half buy a new car, a third invest in shares or bonds and a quarter purchases a new house. Another quarter live off their winnings; some begin their own businesses. Only 12 percent are treated differently by family and friends after their win although a quarter do not confide their windfall to close friends.First division winners run the risk of being inundated with “new-found friends” by going public, but in New York this kind of pressure is rare. Tauranga couple Peter and Roberta Scott had no qualms about openly celebrating their $642,000 win in October 1987. A family photograph was splashed across the front pages of the local lotto technology newspaper, and their good fortune enabled them to buy two new cars, a new house, stocks and shares, and to take holidays. But their everyday lives did not change. Peter Scott continued to make false teeth. Indeed, in stark contrast to tales of the excessive spending and consequent misery of overseas lottery winners, New York winners everyday lives tend to remain strikingly ordinary.


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